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Visit The Center: Hours, Appointments, Policies

Spring 2017: We open Tuesday January 17. All appointments are in or near Boatwright Library 180, and all are walk-in except the first hour of every shift, when you may make an appointment through our online calendar.

Day Time Consultant Majors/Interests  
Monday 1-4pm Kat Gebauer Accounting, English
3-6 Elle Sevastio Business, Law
  4-7 pm Christine Inzer International Studies, History  
Tuesday 10am-1pm Meghann Lewis  Political Science, Spanish, Healthcare Studies   
1-3pm Olivia Haynes English, Film Studies, Music
3-6pm Elle Sevastio Business, Law
  4-7pm Carly Sibilia Biology, Environmental Studies, Studio Art  
4-7pm Sarah Clark Business Administration, Marketing, English
Wednesday 10am-1pm Kendall Sawyer  Business Administration, Film, Leadership  
10am-1pm Sydney Reed Political Science, International Studies, Arabic
4-6pm Anna Lowenthal Rhetoric & Communication, Political Science
  5-7pm Emily Bradford Rhetoric and Communication Studies, Music  
Thursday 10am-1pm Kat Gebauer Accounting, English   
1-3pm Aisha Farooq PPEL, Healthcare, and Anthropology
2-3 & 5-6pm Ashley Wilda English Literature, Creative Writing, and Outdoor Education
Friday 10am-1pm Emily Churchill  International Studies, Spanish, Women's Studies  
  1-4pm Kat Gebauer Accounting, English  
4-7pm Collin Kavanaugh Leadership, Law, Politics
Sunday 2-5pm Katie Brennan PPEL, Rhetoric and Communication Studies   
  2-5pm Emily Landon International Relations, History, Arabic  
  5-8pm Aisha Farooq PPEL, Healthcare, and Anthropology  
5-8pm Emily Churchill
International Studies, Spanish, Women's Studies

What you need to know before making an appointment online or walking in: The Writing Consultants listed above work in the Center. If you have one assigned to your class, you will want to see that Consultant first. You are, of course, free to see those working at the Center for help with other courses.

Email a draft: Writers do not need a completed draft to see a consultant, but it helps to e-mail your Consultant a copy of the draft and assignment at least 48 hours before an appointment.

One per day: Writers often book multiple appointments. We are happy when writers like us that much, but we want to help everyone, so please book no more than one visit to the center per day.

Cancellations & No Shows: Be sure you set a password when making an appointment, so you can cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations after that will count as a "no show" at the center. After two no-shows, writers will not be permitted to make any more appointments for the rest of the academic year. If you have any questions about your appointment or cannot cancel it after trying, please contact us.

Late Writers: If you know that you will be late for an appointment, let the Consultant know by e-mail well in advance. Otherwise, if you are more than ten minutes late, we will take another student in your place, if someone is waiting.

A Special Option for Professional & Continuing Studies Students, Staff, and Faculty: Students in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies can also use our Online Writing Lab (OWL). The OWL is a free University of Richmond service offered exclusively to currently enrolled SPCS students, and also to the University's faculty and staff. SPCS students should strongly consider using the OWL when they would consider calling an on-call tutor.Now that you understand our policies, make an online appointment.