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Spring 2021: We open Monday, January 25, at the times below for drop-in Zoom conferences for any course. No in-person conferencing is planned this semester. 

Do you need:

  • To find the Consultant assigned to your class? If so, click here!
  • To get drop-in help at the Writing Center? Find Zoom rooms for Consultants here (UR login credentials required). See the hours and specialties at the bottom of this page first, so you get the right sort of help at the right time.

SPCS students have the option of seeing our specialist Consultant, Emily Ball, who works directly with SPCS faculty. To meet with Ms. Ball, you can find out more here (UR login credentials required).

How to prepare:

  • Have a copy of your assignment for the Consultant, and a draft you can share via Google Drive or as an e-mail attachment during the conference. We will not handle paper drafts in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19.
  • Practice with Zoom, before going online. The Consultants will be trained to help you share your screen and resolve technical issues, but it's valuable to know in advance how to do these things, to make the most use of the conference time.
  • Be patient. Normally, conferences should last 30-45 minutes. We will help everyone we can, on a first-come, first-served basis.
Day Time Consultant Majors / Minors / Interests
Monday 10-noon Will Roberts (starts week of Feb. 1) Philosophy, Classics
  noon-2pm Mary Kate Knoell Business, Healthcare, Nonprofit Studies
  4-6pm Morgan Zippo Business (marketing), Leadership
  6-8-pm Mike Limongelli Business (Finance), Philosophy
  8-10pm Noah Jacobs Journalism, English
Tuesday 10-noon Karen Fleming Dance, English, Theatre
  noon-2pm Jay Welle Business Administration, Psychology, US History
2-4pm Reghan Ruf Religion, Biology
  4-6pm Anna Cheng Philosophy
  8-10pm Erin DeRubertis Business Administration, Finance and Marketing
Wednesday 10-noon Walker Campbell Mathematical Economics, English
  noon-2pm Luiza Cocito Rhetoric and Communications, Entrepreneurship
  2-4pm Julia Brittain  WGSS, Healthcare Studies  
  4-6pm Kendall Schuchman  Healthcare Studies, Psychology, Entrepreneurship
  6-8-pm Teresa Rozier Leadership Studies, Journalism, Entrepreneurship
  8-10pm Michael Fitzgerald Business Administration, Economics, Finance
Thursday 10-noon Josh Lobner English, Psychology
noon-2pm Ali Munro Sociology, Art History, WGSS
  2-4pm Charlotte Pratt Leadership Studies and Health Care Studies
  4-6pm Matt Barnes Computer Science and Leadership
   6-8pm Andrew LaPrade Geography, Chinese Studies
Friday noon-2pm Emma Ventura English, Political Science, History
  2-4pm Molly Earle  Marketing, French 
  4-6pm Sejong Takenaka English and Education
Sunday noon-2pm Hope Manning Business (Marketing), Art History
  2-4pm Caroline Dembiczak English, PPEL
  4-6pm Camille Juliana Economics (A&S), Psychology 
  6-8-pm Morgan Deckert Political Science, PPEL
  8-10pm Morgan Tolan Journalism, Rhetoric and Communications, LALIS