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Spring 2020: We open on Tuesday January 21. Our last day for writing conferences will be the final day of classes.

During the Pandemic, more than 25 Consultants from different fields of study have asked to continue working online with writers. We'll try to help everyone through a difficult adjustment to remote work.

All students may request a meeting with a Consultant by filling out a short form; we need at least 72 hours lead-time before your due-date.  The form is here. Consultants will accept drafts by e-mail and will provide written feedback, with the option of a video conference. Don't have a draft ready? Consultants will still need 72 hours warning, but they can meet writers for a planning session via video conference. Indicate this on the form when submitting it.

Arranging the time for a video conference is the responsibility of the writer and Consultant, as is sharing a draft to get written feedback.

Good luck with your writing and let us know if you have any questions.