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Summer 2023:

The Writing Center closes Friday, April 21, but there will be on-call help available during the summer. Email Student Writing Consultant Janis Parker to schedule a consultation.

Please contact Administrative Coordinator Emily Ball or Director Joe Essid for more information.

SPCS students have the option of seeing our specialist Consultant, Emily Ball, who works directly with SPCS faculty. To meet with Ms. Ball, you can find out more here (UR login credentials required).

How to prepare, in person or online:

  • Have a copy of your assignment for the Consultant, and a draft you can share via Google Drive or as an e-mail attachment during the conference. We will not handle paper drafts in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19.
  • Be patient. Normally, conferences should last 30-45 minutes. We will help everyone we can, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Spring Schedule:

Day Time Consultant Languages Majors / Minors / Interests
 M noon-2pm Natalie Schaus Geography, Environmental Studies,
Sociology, and Religious Studies
  2-4pm Avery Moore English, Entrepreneurship
  4-6pm Caroline Loscalzo  Leadership Studies, Entrepreneurship,
  6-8-pm Sarah Noorbakhsh PPEL, Dance
  8-10pm Katherine Walker Health Studies (Premed)
 T 10am-2pm Kelly Boppe Legal writing; creative &
persuasive writing
  2-4pm Anthony Ierna   Business Admin. (Finance/Int'l business),
  4-6pm Emma McWilliams   History, Leadership Studies
  6-8-pm Julia Abbott English & Spanish
  8-10pm Lauren Knopp English, Biochemistry, Neuroscience
 W noon-2pm Avery Moore English, Entrepreneurship
  2-4pm Peter Hawes Philosophy, English, & Religious Studies
  4-6pm Helen Wallace  Psychology, Visual Arts 
  6-10pm Jay Welle   Accounting & Psychology
TH 10-noon Helen Strigel  Leadership Studies, French 
12-2pm Evelyn Zelmer Geography, Anthropology,
Creative Writing
  2-4pm Walker Campbell Mathematical Economics, English
  6-8pm Andrew LaPrade Geography, Chinese Studies,
Data Science
F 10-noon Evelyn Zelmer Geography, Anthropology,
Creative Writing
  noon-2pm Julia Brittain  Healthcare Studies, WGSS,
History, English
Healthcare Studies, WGSS,
History, English
  2-4pm Ava Geismann  PPEL (Political Science)
4-6pm Ginny Zhang Mandarin Mathematical Economics &
Computer Science/Data Science
Sunday noon-2pm Hope Manning Business Administration (Marketing),
Art History
  2-4pm Kylynn Diggs  Business Administration
(economics and marketing concentration) 
  4-6pm Kelly Boppe Legal writing; creative &
persuasive writing
  6-8-pm Aidan Tabassian Biology