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Writer's Web is a free, public-access handbook designed and maintained by University of Richmond students and faculty. Users may incorporate any pages needed into their classes, institutional resources, or publications provided that they either reproduce pages in their entirety or make a full citation if only a portion of a page is used.

Selected as an online resource in The Bedford Guide for Writing Tutors. 4th Ed. by Leigh Ryan and Lisa Zimmerelli.

"Most schools have writing centers which post articles and helpful information about writing. Here are three of my favorites: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; The University of Richmond; and Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)."         

           -"Writing Anxiety & The Job Search," Psychology Today, Katherine Brooks, Ed.D.

"A first-class stop for students who want to know more about writing."

           -  From Web to Workplace. Washington, D.C.: McKenzie Group, 2003.

"a hidden gem."          

           -  Bruce Pegg, "UnfURLed: 20 Writing Center Sites to Visit on the Information Highway."
              Wiring the Writing Center. ed. Eric H. Hobson. Logan: Utah State UP, 1998.

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The Writing Center Consultants meet writers in or near Boatwrigtht 180. 


  • Individual writing consultations in any subject
  • Assistance with planning, revising, documenting papers
  • Consultations about word processing and typing skills
  • Special assistance for second-language students (contact Dr. Joe Essid)

Making appointments: Ms. Robin Mundle
Faculty inquiries: Dr. Joe Essid
Becoming a writing consultant: Dr. Joe Essid
Problems with the Web site: Dr. Joe Essid