Richmond Writing is a blog about all aspects of our writing program. We welcome you as readers and if you would like to write for our blog, contact Joe Essid for more information.

Connecting Writers Across Borders: the Writing Lab Newsletter's blog, focusing on issues of concern to Center directors and tutors working internationally.


Consultant Training

  • 383 Syllabus: The semester-long class for training all writing consultants at Richmond. The link will take you to our class wiki and student projects

Teaching Resources

  • Using Google Drive for Collaborative Class Notes: A slide show with examples by Joe Essid
  • "Writing Around Richmond": Published several times a year, this newsletter discusses highlights of our writing program.
  • "CompPile" Research Bibliography: From the Council of Writing Program Administrators, a comprehensive set of materials for faculty and students researching the teaching of Rhetoric & Composition.
  • The Little Red Schoolhouse: The University of Virginia's widely acclaimed program for writers and faculty, pioneered by Greg Colomb, Frank Kinahan, and Joe Williams at the University of Chicago in the 1980s.
  • UVA's Teaching Tips: The Teaching Resource Center has a compendium of good tips for every aspect of classroom instruction.
  • Richmond's WAC Faculty Binder Online: From working with writing consultants, to Write-to-Learn, to designing formal writing assignments, this resource has pages of information for faculty in many disciplines.
  • Write-to-Learn Activities: A series of good practices for any classroom. These short, easy-to-employ activities encourage critical-thinking skills and improved writing.
  • Training for Tough Tutorials: Our online training tools for ENG 383, featuring digital video.
  • WAC Links: Note that this list of links, by category of users and interests, is not frequently updated. Caveat Lector.
  • The Staff Writing Project is a site that helps Richmond staff members improve their on-the-job and academic writing.

Projects by Program Participants 

  • The iSearch Project: a site designed by Terry Dolson's ENG 103 class in fall 2004. Some of the essays here were then published in eZines.  
  • "In a Strange Land": Joe Essid's blog about virtual worlds such as Second Life and related technology topics.
  • Nevermore: The Virtual House of Usher: A wiki and immersive 3D simulation featuring actors, students, and the chance to explore and remake Poe's tale.
  • Spirit of the Southern Frontier: A public-access archive of over 100 texts in the public domain. Covers the era of the humorists of the Old Southwest, 1830–1860, by Joe Essid.