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UR Writing Center Referral Sheet

Note to Faculty: A referral to the Writing Center should not be considered a punishment for poor work. This form will help Writing Consultants make appropriate suggestions and provide timely help. Writers may schedule an appointment using this website.

It is important not to send a writer to us for more than one or two concerns. For writers who need lots of work, I recommend several appointments, each for specific issues (one referral, say, for planning and invention, another for paragraphing, a third for punctuation).

When making a referral, faculty may also wish to give a writer specific written instructions about what the Consultant should address. Consultants will have access to this form online, before a writer visits the Center.

Joseph J. Essid, UR Writing Center Director

Student Referred:
Instructor: Course:

Please describe your assignment:

Please add any details here that will assist our tutors:

Planning and Invention

Finding an initial question Formulating a Thesis
Defining an audience Exploring a topic

Support and Argumentation

Supporting a thesis with evidence Focusing an argument
Providing analysis of topics Using effective arguments for topic


Using long quotations Using short quotations
Incorporating quotations Using paraphrases
Problems with system of documentation (please specify below)

Paragraphing and Coherence

Problems with topic sentences Digressions in paragraphs
Faulty or missing transitions Abrupt changes of subject
Difficulty with introduction Difficulty with conclusion

Voice, Style, Grammar

Inappropriate voice or style Run-on sentences
Excessive use of weak verbs or passive voice Second-Language difficulties
Difficulites with punctuation (please specify below)
Problems with diction, usage, or spelling (please specify below)
Difficulties with grammatical rules (please specify below)