Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where are your offices?

    The Writing Center Consultants meet writers in or near Boatwrigtht 171A. Consultants assigned to classes keep their own schedules and meet in various spots around campus: check directly with your class writing consultant or professor.

  • Will you proofread my paper?

    We will help you to revise your work and to correct your mistakes by consulting your assignment, texts about writing, and your own intuition as a writer. In the process, you will become a better proofreader. While we won’t "fix" every error line by line, we can spot patterns of error you might miss, and we’ll teach you ways to spot and correct them in future.

  • What can I do if I have a question while I’m writing?

    Consultants can be reached in person or through Zoom during the hours listed on our schedule. We will help everyone we can, on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • How early should I make an appointment?

    As soon as possible — and you don’t need a finished draft to work with a consultant. Bring your notes and ideas; it is always a good idea to visit the center early in your writing process and a second time once you’re nearly finished with a draft.

  • May I drop off my paper before my consultation?

    Please do; reading over your paper (even an early draft) and your assignment lets the consultant know about your topic. Be sure to leave a copy of the assignment and please get us the paper no later than 48 hours before you meet the consultant.

  • Is the Writing Center only for less-skilled writers?

    Absolutely not. We consult with writers working on anything from their first papers at UR to writers completing senior thesis projects. Graduate students and faculty also visit the Center. It is always a good idea to get an objective reader to review a piece in progress.

  • My professor referred me to the Writing Center. Am I in trouble?

    No. We see dozens of students every semester who have been referred to us. Faculty members recognize that working with a consultant provides a excellent opportunity for improving writing. Even experienced writers who need a second opinion have been referred to work with a consultant.

  • I am not a UR student. Can I use the Writing Center?

    While we cannot offer consultations to non-students, we can refer you to private tutors in the Richmond area. Contact University Instructors for more information.

  • I have writing consultants in my class. What will they do to help me with my papers?

    Course-assigned writing consultants will write commentary on your first drafts and hold individual conferences with you. Your writing consultants should know your professor’s expectations for the assignment; thus, they can guide your work in that class. See the Writing Across the Curriculum program for more information.