Richmond Home
Professor Course Consultants Assigned
Abreu, Dixon FYS: Across the Continents Meghann Lewis
Bell, Andrew FYS: Neuroscience of Photography Eng. 383 Apprentices
Bezio, Kristin FYS 100: Games, Game Theory, Leadership Studies Haley Lawrence
Brown, Mavis FYS 100: Knowing & Choosing in The Face of Adversity Taylor Hoogsteden
Delers, Olivier FYS 100: From Berlin to Paris, Texas--Wim Wenders Emily Churchill
Erkulwater, Jennifer FYS 100: Not Just Food: US Policy & Social Justice Emma Spinale
Essid, Joe ENG 215: Reading Science Fiction & Fantasy Eng. 383 Apprentices
Guss, Samantha & Cunningham, Sojourna FYS 100: A Generation of Cynics Amanda Brosnan
Herrera, Patricia & Browder, Laura FYS 100: Civil Rights in Richmond Alec Greven
Kachurek, Lynda FYS 100: The Secret Life of Books Alice Millerchip
Kapanga, Kasongo FYS 100: Expansion of Europe & Asia Into Africa Dan Majluf
Laskaris, Julie ClSC 101: Classical Mythology Christine Inzer
Long, Stephen PLSC 250 Pebbles Daez
Outka, Elizabeth FYS 100 Jennifer Cottle
Outka, Elizabeth ENG 223 Women in Modern Literature Rosina D'Angelo
Schoen, Walter FYS 100: Films of the 1960s Anna Cheng
Shaw, Miranda REL 263: Religion and The Arts Alexis Hills
Shaw, Miranda FYS 100: From Holy Rite to Hooking Up: A Cultural History of Sex (2 sections) Alexis Hills & Kat Gebauer
Siebert, Monika FYS 100: Refugees (2 sections) Jack DeAngelis (both sections)
Stubbs, Jonathan FYS: Moderm American Human Rights Lawyers Susan Pelczar
Taylor, Porcher FYS: Entrepreneurial Innovation Rosemarie Ferraro
Troncale, Joe FYS 100: A Life Worth Living Abby Maxwell
Troncale, Joe Russian Painting: 1860-1917 Rosemarie Ferraro
Whitehead, Marcia FYS 100: The Search For the Self Julia Siewert
Student-Athlete Study Hall: Bruce Matthews, Supervisor
Chelsea Eareckson Anna Cheng
Ritwika Bose
Unavailable / Abroad
Anthony Isenhour Kim Smith Mikaela Rosen
Alexandra Kohnert Samantha Jaeger Tracy Naschek
Kate Wiley