Richmond Home
Faculty Member Course Consultants
Colin Kielty PPEL 261 (2 sections) Lucia Orlandi,  Caroline Dembiczak 
Colin Kielty PPEL 262 Lucia Orlandi
Jennifer Erkulwater FYS: Not Just Food Haley Hom
Kate Cassada FYS: The Angst Years Haley Lawrence
Lidia Radi FYS: Friendship, Love, Desire Simi Jung
Kasongo Kapanga FYS: Expansion of Europe & Asia in Africa Andrew LaPrade
Stephen Long FYS: Ethics in International Affairs George Estrada
Roger Mancastroppa FYS: Beyond Civilization Riley Place
Laura Kuti FYS: Say What?  Exploring Second Language Acquisition Sejong Takenaka
Aurora Hermida-Ruiz FYS: Time & the City of Seville Hannah Grace Howell
Lynda Kachurek FYS:  The Secret Life of Books Maddie Olvey
Craig Kocher FYS: Faith and Difference in America Ellie Curtis
Martin Sulzer-Reichel FYS: Endeavor, Crusades, and Holy Wars Elle Lee
Nathan Snaza Intro to WGSS Olive Gallmeyer & Molly Kate Kreider
Kevin Pelletier ENGL 204: Literature & Culture (2 sections) Teja Kinney
Leslie Bohon LLC 140: How to Write Everything Riley Place 
Elizabeth Outka ENG 230: Women in Literature (2 sections) Helen Wallace & Maya Lieberman
Rick Mayes HCS 200: Health and the Caring Professions Audrey Pooser & Quinn Maguire
Kathleen Skerrett Feminist and Queer Theories Janis Parker
Kathleen Skerrett FYS: Race & Law Alexis Hills
Jane Geaney FSLT: Against Religion Natalie Schaus & Camille Juliana
Peter Kaufman IDST 101:   2 sections Jon Gandara & Brie Grossman
Laura Browder FYS: Drugs in America: A Cultural History Samara Rosen
Sydney Watts FYS: Social Utopias TBA
Katrina Nousek FYS: Lost in Translation Molly Kate Kreider
Monika Siebert FYS: Refugees (2 sections) Caroline Dembiczak  & Sophie Peltzer
Linda Hobgood FYS: The White House Said Today Benjamin Weiser & AC Deastlov
Jennifer Nourse FYS: Global Health (2 sections)  Walker Campbell & Reda Ansar
Julietta Singh Global Women Writers (3 sections) Josh Lobner, Sophie Peltzer & TBA
Marcia Whitehead FYS: The Search for Self Camille Juliana
Bruce Matthews Student-Athlete Study Hall @ Robins Center Maria Perry, Molly Earle, Susanna Getis,
Ellie Curtis, & Janis Parker