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Faculty Member Course Consultants
Bill Bergman FYS: Communications & Society Samara Rosen
Bruce Matthews First-Year Student-Athlete Study Hall Maria Perry, Amanda Brosnan,
Cassie Martin &TBA
Carol Summers FYS: Epidemics and Empires Benjamin Weiser
Craig Kocher FYS: Faith and Difference in America  Cassie Martin
Craig Kocher Living a Life of Consequence Will Walker
Elizabeth Outka Eng. 223: The Modern Novel (2 Sections) Helen Wallace, Olivia Wierum,
Genevieve Markee, Maya Lieberman
Jack Singal FYS: Science & Society for Future Leaders Haley Lawrence
Joe Essid FYS: The Space Race Raven Baugh
Jonathan Wight FYS: Morality & Global Econ Crisis of 2008 (2 sections) Lucia Orlandi & George Estrada
Julietta Singh Eng. 236: Global Women Writers (2 sections) Nathan Burns, Sabrina Garcia,
Presley Richardson, Gabby Kiser
Kathleen Skerrett FYS: Race and Law (2 sections) Kacy Workman & Janis Parker
Katrina Nousek FYS:  Lost in Translation Emma Spinale
Kevin Pelletier FYS: Apocalypse Culture Teja Kinney
Kylie Korsnack Eng 215: Reading SF & Fantasy Haley Hom & TBA
Leslie Bohon LLC 140: How to Write Everything Reda Ansar
Libby Gruner FYS: Young Adult Literature & Social Change Susanna Getis
Lynda Kachurek FYS: The Secret Life of Books Annalise Mangone
Marcia Whitehead FYS: The Search for the Self Alexandra Maloney
Matt Trawick FYS: Space, Time, Relativity (2 sections) Molly Kate Kreider
Michelle Kahn FYS: Race & Immigration in Europe (2 sections) Ellie Curtis & Audrey Pooser
Michelle Kahn HIST 399 Gender and Sexuality in Europe Lauren Knopp
Miriam McCormick Modern European Philosophy Anna Cheng
Nathan Snaza FYS: The Politics of Sexual Education Olive Gallmeyer
Olivier Delers & Martin Sulzer-Reichel FYS: Great Filmmakers of the World (2 Sections) Maddie Olvey & Teja Kinney
Peter Kaufman IDST 101 Jon Gandara
Roger Mancastroppa FYS: Beyond Civilization Riley Place
Scott Johnson FYS: Narratives of Identity & Relationship Brooklyn Griffin
Sojourna Cunningham FYS: A Generation of Cynics: Bias, Neutrality, & the Internet Simi Jung
Stephen Long PLSC 250 (2 sections) Sophia McWilliams & Quinn Maguire
Walter Schoen FYS: Films of the 1960s Natalie Schaus
Yucel Yanikdag HIST 199 Sophie Peltzer