Richmond Home
Professor Course Consultants Assigned
Allred, Steve FYS: Working Rebecca Seeger
Barney, Tim FYS: The Rhetorical Lives of Maps Mitchell Gregory
Baughan, Elizabeth FYS: Wining and Dining in the Ancient Mediterranean Dylan McAuley
Bell, Andrew FYS: The Neuroscience of Photography Anne Magauran
Bowie, Jennifer FYS: The Rights of the Criminally Accused Madison Nguyen
Brown, Mavis FYS: Knowing & Choosing in The Face of Adversity Jack DeAngelis
Cassada, Kate FYS: The Angst Years:  Hormones, High Anxiety, and Happiness Emily Toplin
Cheever, Abigail FYS: Detectives in Fiction & Film Danielle Del Giudice
Craft, Erik FYS: Inequality & Wellbeing George Katsiotis
Datta, Monti PLSC 270, Social Science Inquiry Samantha Jaeger
Davis, Scott FYS: Tolkien and the Medieval Imagination Paige Hammond
Delers, Olivier FYS: From Berlin to Paris, Texas Alexandra Kohnert
Forsyth, Don FYS: Groupology Caroline Noonan
Guss, Samantha & Cunningham, Sojourna FYS: A Generation of Cynics Liza David
Henry, Brian FYS: The Language of Poetry Alice Millerchip
Long, Stephen PLSC 250, 2 sections Sydney Reed &
Dylan McAuley
Pribble, Jennifer FYS: Latin American Politics & Film Meghann Lewis 
Rankine, Patrice FYS: Classical Theater & The Modern City Alexis Hills
Roberts, Dan MIT398U : Special Projects Course Meghann Lewis
Schoen, Walter FYS: Films of the 1940s Chelsea Eareckson
Shaw, Miranda FYS: From Holy Rite to Hooking Up: A Cultural History of Sex
 (2 sections)
Olivia Tennyson &
Emily Toplin
Shields, Tom FYS: Education & Society Mikaela Rosen
Singal, Jack FYS: Science, Pseudoscience & Antiscience  Julia Siewert 
Skerrett, Kathleen FYS: Anxiety & Ethics (2 sections) Olivia Haynes
Tilton, Lauren FYS: Documenting 1960s America Alexis Hills
Whitehead, Marcia FYS: The Search for The Self  Julia Siewert 
Wight, Jonathan FYS: Morality & the Global Economic Crisis of 2008 (2 sections) Sarah Clark &
George Katsiotis
Student-Athlete Study Hall: Bruce Matthews, Supervisor
Elle Savastio Mitchell Gregory
Emily Landon Katie Brennan
Unavailable / Abroad
Emily Churchill Dan Majluf Rosina D'Angelo
Collin Kavanaugh Rosemarie Ferraro Joseph Ickowski
Peter Plotas Pebbles Daez