WAC & Writing Center Assignments

Professor Course Consultants
Agnieszka Szymańska ARTH 121 (2 sections) & ARTH 209 Kaitlyn Garrett & Makena Gitobu
Bruce Matthews Student-Athlete Study Hall Kristen Rake, Myanna Hightower, Brooke Gainey, Victoria Moullin, Arielle Ragals
Cindy Conn BUAD 205 (2 sections) Kylynn Diggs & Kristin Santana
Colin Kielty PPEL 261 Eliana Neill
Colin Kielty PPEL 262 (2 sections) Sarah Noorbakhsh & Ava Geismann
Craig Kocher FYS: Faith & Difference in America Ava Scott
Elizabeth Outka ENG 223: The Modern Novel Georgia Gansereit & Julia Abbott
Greg Cavenaugh FYS: Greek Chic Sam Chanenson & Olivia George
Jane Geaney RELG 205: Body/Sex in World Religious Literature (2 sections) Nicole Llacza Morazzani & Mado Long
Kathleen Skerrett FYS: Race and Law in the United States

Emerson Linden

Kathleen Skerrett WGSS 200 Intro to Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies (2 sections) Chrissy Bertrand & Anna Phillips
Kevin Pelletier FYS: Apocalypse Culture Peter Hawes
Kristin Bezio LDST 250 Michal Ilouz
Kurt Beals FYS: Kafka's World Cady Cummins
Laura Runyen-Janecky BIO 351 Gigi Cestari & Lauren Knopp
Leslie Bohon LLC 140 How to Write Everything Nicole Llacza Morazzani & Katherine Mazzer
Lynda Kachurek FYS: For the Love of Books (2 sections) Ethan Swift (both sections)
Maia Linask FYS: Should Government Pay for My New Stove? Hannah Wilson
Matt Trawick FYS: Space, Time, and Relativity Lauren Knopp
Michelle Kahn FYS: Race & Immigration in Europe (2 sections) Emma McWilliams & Ian Levy
Mini Hanoaka FYS: Dreams & Islam Cheryl Chan & Eliana Neill
Melissa Spencer ECON 235: Gender Economics (2 sections) Katie Schultz (both sections)
Olubukola (Bukky) Olayiwola FYS: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (2 Sections) Zara Cruickshank & Avery Moore
Olivier Delers FYS: Great Filmmakers of the World Sasha Hanson
Peter Lurie ENG 200/FMST 201 Introduction to Film Studies (2 sections) Natalie Stuart & Gabriel Matthews
Rhiannon Graybill RELS 205: Sex and the Hebrew Bible (2 sections) Lilian Tzanev (both sections)
Stephen Long FYS: Ethics In International Relations Lily Kaufman
Tracy Roof FYS: Health Care Policy and Politics in the U.S. and Around the World Charlotte Rose

Abroad or Unavailable

Ginny Zhang, Caleb Silvergleid