The Writing Center's regular consulting schedule ends on the last day of classes, Fri., 4/26. If you would like a writing consultation during the summer months, please email one of our on-call writing consultants to schedule a mutually convenient time: Nicole Llacza MorazzaniShaylin Bonefont, or Chrissy Bertrand. Assistance will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis and will take place remotely.

How to Prepare For a Writing Conference

All meetings are walk-in in or near Boatwright 171A (Collaborative Study Area) and in-person, except as shown on our schedule. If you work with Consultants assigned to a class, check with them for the meeting location.

  • Have a copy of your assignment for the Consultant and a draft you can share via Google Drive or as an e-mail attachment.
  • Set aside some time. Normally, conferences should last 30-45 minutes. We will help everyone we can, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Have a learning accommodation? Suspect you might need one? No need to disclose this, and we do not make referrals, but all Consultants now have neurodiversity training from Dr. Cort Schneider, UR's Director of Disability Services. Some have additional training and are listed on our schedule. If you feel most comfortable with an intial meeting via Zoom, Writing Consultant Jess Laforet will assist. Contact her at least 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment. 
  • Writing a Junior or Senior Thesis? A few of our Consultants are, like you, working on them and can provide specialized help. See the list below.
  • English Language Learner? All Writing Consultants receive training, but we do have a few with advanced training from Director of English-Language Learning, Dr. Leslie Bohon. Some of these Consultants are listed below. Please ask Director Dr. Joe Essid for more information.
  • Know Your Professor's AI Policy: We will not use generative AI unless you tell us that your professor permits it. We will use Grammarly's non-AI features to help you with style, mechanics, and connecting ideas.
  • Other questions? Please contact Administrative Coordinator Emily Ball or Director Dr. Joe Essid for more information.

Spring 2024 Schedule

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  • Monday
    • 10am-Noon: Timothy Khoh (he/him) -Leadership Studies, PPEL (Economics), Brainstorming Ideas (can assist Mandarin Speakers)
    • Noon-2pm:Lily Kaufman (she/her) -Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Health Studies
    • 2-4pm:Susannah Carter (she/her) -Health Studies, English, Biology
    • 4-6pm:Katherine Walker (she/her) - Health Studies, Pre-Med track
    • 6-8pm: Lindsay Kramer (she/her) -Health studies, leadership, psychology
    • 8-10pm:Alexandra Hall (she/her) -PPEL & Economics
  • Tuesday
    • 10am-noon: Caroline Loscalzo (she/her) -Leadership, Entrepreneurship
    • noon-2pm: Ananya Chetia (she/her) -Journalism, English, History and Gender Studies
    • 2-4pm: Morgan Knoop (she/her) - History, Political Science, and English, Neurodiversity Specialist
    • 6-8pm: Hannah Abdelhadi (she/her) - Global Studies, Law & the Liberal Arts, Junior/Senior Thesis Assistance
    • 8-10pm: Juliet Zucker (she/her) - Journalism, Leadership Studies, Education
  • Wednesday
    • 10am-noon:Huntley Pizzarelli (she/her) -PPEL, Political Science, Pre-Law
    • Noon-2pm:Bella Stevens (she/they) - English/Creative Writing Majors, VMAP minor (can assist in Spanish if needed)
    • 2-4pm: Emma Burgess (she/her) -English, Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Communications
    • 4-6pm: Gigi Cestari (she/her) -Biology, English, Health studies
    • 6-8pm:Katie Schultz (she/her) - PPEL (Econ), English, Pre-Law
    • 8-10pm: Cheryl Chan (she/her) -English/Political Science
  • Thursday
    • 10am-2pm:Braden Wixted (he/his) -Psychology (Neuroscience), Health Studies, Neurodiversity Specialist
    • 2-5pm:Emiko Iguchi (she/her) - Biology & French (can assist with writing in French), Junior/Senior Thesis Assistance
    • 6-8pm:Marissa Burton (she/her) -Psychology, Math, Data Science and Statistics, Junior/Senior Thesis Assistance
    • 8-10pm: Sam Chanenson (he/him) - Philosophy, Rhetoric, Psychology 
  • Friday
    • 10am-1pm:Zoe Jackson (she/her) - Pre-law, Political Science, English, Anthropology, Sociology (Third-year law student)
    • noon - 2pm:Jess Laforet (she/her) -English, WGSS, VMAP, Neurodiversity Specialist
    • 2-6pm:Shaylin Bonefont (she/her) -English Major, Art History Minor/Liturature, Creative Writing, Film, and Art
  • Sunday
    • 12-4pm:Timothy Khoh (he/him) -Leadership Studies, PPEL (Economics), Brainstorming Ideas (can assist Mandarin Speakers)
    • 2-4pm: Annie Waters (she/they) - WGSS, Philosophy, Political Science
    • 4-6pm:Lauren Xavier (she/her) - Computer Science, WGSS, Spanish (can assist with writing in Spanish)
    • 6-8pm: Aidan Tabassian (he/his) - Biology, Neuroscience, Pre-Med
    • 8-10pam: Nicole Llacza (she/her) -English, Economics, Business Administration (can assist with writing in Spanish)