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Become a Consultant

We encourage interested students to join the Writing Across the Curriculum program. Becoming a writing consultant is excellent training for graduate school and many professions. Students should be rising or current sophomores or juniors with excellent writing and interpersonal skills. Rising seniors must take the training class in their junior year.

Applicants must complete a process to request permission to enroll in the training course, English 383: Composition Theory and Pedagogy. it is taught each semester.

The application process includes the following:

  • Have an overall GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • Contact director Joe Essid
  • Provide a writing sample of at least three pages that illustrates one's best writing
  • Request a letter of recommendation from a professor (this can be e-mailed to Joe Essid).

If accepted into the program, students will be given departmental permission to enroll in English 383. Becoming a fully active participant in WAC as a writing consultant is contingent upon successfully completing the required training course with a B+ or better and the personal approval from the instructor of the course.

Students, whether new or returning, are asked to complete the student preference form each semester.